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Newbie/waterman Expert/starting Problem


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I was gifted a Waterman expert. After a thorough cleaning, with pen flush, I was finally able to test it out with some Waterman Intense Black. It has trouble starting, consistent trouble, but once it gets going it's fine.


I understand that baby's bottom might be the cause, but sometimes the same thing happens even when I'm bearing down with a fair amount of pressure. If something is wrong with the pen, how do I go about fixing it?

Stay unposted, friends.

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Before you go messing around and get in too deep, I'd try changing ink first. Pens are like people, they are all different on an individual basis. Waterman serenity blue is a very well behaved ink in almost any pen. Levenger inks are pretty wet and free flowing. Write off to Goulet pens and get some sample vials of different inks.

Before you decide to mess with grinding that nib I suggest you take in more than a few YouTube videos and practice in some $9 JinHao x450's or something like it.

I say this not because the expert nib is terribly valuable. It is terrible to work on. The metal on them has no flex or give making it very easy to ruin a nib. I love my expert, but I've ruined several nibs trying to make them write like my Montblanc or Pelikans.

I know you are bent on tinkering with it. Practice first. Take your time with it. One step at a time. It can be a great writer. These nibs can be tuned to write smooth and wet, but they are very unforgiving, so go slow.


Btw: you can't buy a new nib, but there are replacement sections available on eBay if you get in a jam.

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My name is Partha (pronunciation: PARTHO) Chatterjee and am from Kolkata, India, a 38 yrs old man.


Am using fountain pens from my child hood. I have used so many pens of different brands in my life.

Recently I have noticed, my pen is getting dry very soon when I keep it in my shirt pocket but if I keep it on my desk it never dries.

Writing is very smooth and wet, there is no skipping problem at all. Am using Parker quink black in my pen.

Again, I have noticed, it is happening with several pens but not all the pens. Then I have changed the Ink from Parker to Camlin. The dry issue got solved in some pens but not all pens. Whatever, am very confused and can't solve the problem. Need your help..

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