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Group Buy For Pen Constellations 88 Cases


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Presenting another Group Buy from Constellations88, a young company dedicated to providing high quality luxury goods, specifically for the use of Fountain Pen Connoisseurs.




1. C88 Twin Pen Pocket Carrier by www.constellations88.com (MRSP US$ 13.00 / Rs. 850)


2. C88 Triple Pen Pocket Carrier by www.constellations88.com (MRSP US$ 15.00 / Rs. 975)


Product Details

Hand crafted from vegan friendly foam leather (not animal leather) ensuring no animals are harmed in the making. The material is a soft rich finish which feels like leather.

Designed uniquely with one slot slightly bigger than the others ensuring your fatter pens fit in with ease.

Comes with a adjustable magnetic flap closure mechanism to ensure your longer pens fit in.

Available Colours

o Triple Pen Pocket Carrier Executive Black, Pearl White and Cherry Red

o Twin Pen Pocket Carrier Red/Black & White/Blue combination.


Price (about 40% discount)

o Triple Pen Pocket Carrier Group Buy Price US $ 9.00 / Rs. 550

o Twin Pen Pocket Carrier Group Buy Price US $ 8.00 / Rs. 450



o Rs 150 anywhere in India

o US $ 10.00 shipped worldwide














Process / Rules of the Group Buy


1. All willing participants can add their name, contact number and email address in the reply thread below with choice of the pen case


2.The Group Buy starts on 1st November 2016 & shall be active till 21st November 2016. Anyone interested in purchasing the cases post 21st November may mail on support@constellations88.com


3. All orders will be shipped within 10 working days of placing the order


4. Account details will be shared for money transfer for Indian participants and participants outside India shall receive a link in email through which payments can be made via paypal or credit cards


5. The intended use of these products is for for self use and not for resale


6. Any other queries write to us at support@constellations88.com


Thank you for looking and hope you enjoy the products!










Edited by Prads

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A little about the dream - Constellations88 is an effort to pursue the hobby and craziness of collecting pens to one level further by providing hand painted fountain pens at great prices and vegan friendly accessories. Happy to help with any custom orders too and willing to take any feedback/suggestions ... hope you like my products

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Does shipping to Bangladesh cost the same as international?

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@itwasLuck - i shall check and come back to you on the shipping to bangladesh - how many pieces are you looking to buy ?

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I would like to get one Triple Pen Pocket Carrier in Executive Black Please Details as follows:


Abhijeet D Zaveri



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Not participating this current Group Buy because I've only recently purchased a few of the other pen cases from Constellations 88. In fact, I've at least one of each model of pen cases (I think!) that they've made. I've been happy about the quality. So, good luck with this Group Buy!

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I would like to purchase the following:


(1)C88 Triple Black

(1) C88 Triple Red

(1) C88 Double Black/Red


Thank-you Prads..




Best Regards,



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Okay, I am interested in this group buy. You can email me at yokainomiko@gmail.com.


I would like:


1 - Blue/White 2 Pen Case

1 - Red/Black 2 Pen Case

1 - Executive Black 3 Pen Case



Since I live in the US, I believe the total will come out to $35 with shipping.

Ink Sample Exchange Post

I have many unlisted but I'm trying not to spam the thread.

I also am happy to provide new vials for samples too!

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Dear Miyuki,


yes - It will be USD 35, shall send you the payment link soon and you can pay by credit card/paypal


thank you for your support




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This seems interesting!


Two questions:

1)What is "foam leather"? I googled but couldn't find anything enlightening.

2)There are two other items on your website that I'm interested in. Is it possible to buy those and the cases without paying for shipping twice?


By the way, posting name and email in a public forum seems like asking for spam and phishing attacks.

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Hi friend @ aramchek


Foam leather is nothing but man made material which looks like leather but it is not animal leather... vegan friendly.


Also can I know what other products you are interested in ? You may email on support@Constellations88.com




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I would like to buy 2 Triple Pen Cases.

  1. Triple Pen Pocket Carrier Cherry Red
  2. Triple Pen Pocket Carrier Executive Black

Name: Manan Desai


Please send me payment details. I can pay immediately but my house will be closed from 4th Dec to 13th Dec. So, if you are going to dispatch it in next 1 or 2 days then it's ok. Otherwise hold on to it and dispatch it after 13th Dec.


Thank you,

Manan Desai

Edited by MananDesai

Thank you,

Manan Desai.

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