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It's time for me to reduce my ink sample collection. Since International Fountain Pen Day is next week, and because I've appreciated the PIFs on FPN in the past, I've decided to give away a bunch of ink samples. I have 29 samples picked out so far and I might add another one or two before a winner is chosen. Many of the samples have been tested; some are completely unused. They range from about 1ml to several ml. All should have enough for AT LEAST one fill; some will have enough for 5-6 fills. Brands included: Noodler's, KWZ, Pelikan, Private Reserve, J. Herbin, Faber-Castell, Akkerman, and Rohrer & Klinger.


The details:

  • List yourself in this thread to enter.
  • I'll choose a winner by random number generator on Fountain Pen Day (Nov. 4) and consider all entries as of the time I get around to drawing a number.
  • I'll post the screen name of the winner on here and PM the winner to get mailing information.
  • Free postage within the US.
  • International entrants agree to pay the difference between US postage cost and the actual international shipping cost (if it's noticeable--otherwise, I'll just cover it).
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Thank you for the great PIF, count me in!




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That's incredibly generous (all that postage!). Thank you! Please count me in! (Of the brands you list, I've only tried a couple of Noodler's so I like the odds of getting a totally new ink!)

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How wonderful and generous! I'd love to be considered. If preferences are possible, I'd love to try some KWZ or R&K, but anything would be joyfully received and experimented with.

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While I'll pass, it's a very generous offer. Best of luck to all that enter.

"Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination."

Oscar Wilde

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Count me in too! Thanks for the awesome PIF :)

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