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Newbie Need Advice On Mont Blance Rollerball


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Hi all, I'm new to pen collection & in need of some advice.


Basically, I have decided more or less to get a Mont Blanc rollerball pen.


So far I have a Lamy 2000 fountain pen but due to leakage it's being sent away for servicing.


Here are my choices, which do you all think is a better choice?

1. The 'M' rollerball (pity this can't accept the fine tip rollerball refill which I prefer & the part where the finger grip portion is with those tiny square patterns not sure if writing long term will be uncomfortable for the fingers?)

2. Heritage Rouge & Noir rollerball (quite like the unique snake clip)

3. Blue Hour Classique rollerball (a bit stretch on the budget...)


And I understand if get Mont Blanc ballpoint can use third party rollerball refill e.g. monteverde is this true for all the 3 above models? But not vice versa e.g. Mont Blanc rollerball won't be able to use ballpoint refill correct?


Thanks in advance, all suggestions & comments are welcome.




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I prefer mb ballpoint pens to rollerball pens. Their ballpoint refills (particularly the broad tips) are very smooth, versatile and long-lasting.

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Me too,prefer a ballpoint more than a rollerball.If I'm not wrong,the ballpoint are more practical and aboard.

I am looking forward for a Rouge & Noir ballpoint.Still,it is based on your preference.

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I will pile on. I have several MB BPs and over 10 RBs. I much prefer the BPs. The refills last much longer. The Rouge et Noir has also caught my eye. My 2 favourite MB BPs are the Toscanini (I love the clip), and the tribute to the Montblanc (it is beautiful and has a nice weight to it)


Good luck with your choice

" Gladly would he learn and gladly teach" G. Chaucer

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I vote noir. I have used it and sold the rb only because the fountain looked nicer. The noir feels heavier for some reason, and I generally like heavier pens. Personal pref, all great choices.


MBs tend hold better value than most so get what you want and if you don't like it, sell, and buy a diff model :)

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I lean towards heavier pens as they seem more substantial in my hands. Having a weighted pen somehow gives me the feeling of luxury and thus my vote would be for the Blue Hour. All this being said, I do prefer my ballpoints over my rollerball MBs.

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Design wise I like the looks of the Heritage Rouge & Noir rollerball of the three you selected. however the thin barrel and chrome grip are deterrents as well as the price tag. I sold an Agatha Christie I had a long time ago when I needed the cash and miss it dearly. I'm a bit in the minority in this thread though as I actually like MBs roller refill. So much that I even have 3 Prometheus Alpha pens in Nickel, Titanium and Copper that also use that refill.


I have a few ballpoints and while generally smooth, I've had a few that skip.


Just my own preference.


As for refills.


Ballpoints and rollers are not interchangeable.

Monteverde does offer substitutes for the standard MB roller or ballpoint.


The M however uses a unique refill I believe. It appears to look like a short Schmidt style capless roller however I am uncertain if they are interchangeable.

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The M however uses a unique refill I believe. It appears to look like a short Schmidt style capless roller however I am uncertain if they are interchangeable.

Yes they are:



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I was surprised to read so many favouring the BP over RB, I'm the opposite!


I have been eyeing off the Heritage capless RB in stainless steel :)

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