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Chain, Cord, Etc To Wear Ring Top Pen


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Ok, I'm not the first or the last but I'm the NOW person looking for options to wear with two gold ringtop pens, both just lovely artifacts! I have found the below options, and I may get one but I'd like more choices. I'm not crazy with the price for the sautoir you're all gonna recommend on Richard's Pens. What else have you got? I want LONG, gold-tone, strong, not expensive....


here's what I dug up so far besides Richards sautoir


this and similar on ETSY



and this little find... it's perfect but I wonder will it HOLD???



Thanks in advance you're always so helpful. I'll post pics of one of my ringtops (mostly to gloat) here too (the other is on its way)


I <3 FPN!


Miss Inky Fingers



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I feel your pain. I've been using detachable lanyards for my collection of ringtops, but the sautoir got me thinking about making something nicer. I started buying jewelry findings to make my own. The sewing is pathetic, but I was able to cobble together a decent sautoir with a length of silk ribbon, a watch-fob clip, a large-diameter ring and a doll's shoe buckle.


That said, that chain looks more than adequate to the purpose.

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