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Need Help Finding Ballpoint Pen Refill


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I have a nice pen but am unsure which ballpoint refill to purchase that is compatible. It has a "4 prong" bottom but I'm sure the refill doesn't necessarily have to be. Sorry for the shoddy pictures :( Thanks for your assistance!





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That is a DIN style refill. Parker, Pelikan, Montiverdi, and others make them. As common as dirt.

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Hi, This is very popular and commonly found. Fitted in all Parker ballpoints for decades, and used by very many pen makers, it is known as a 'G2' refill, but that has nothing to do with the Pilot G2 pen, completely different design.

Might be worth reading this;


Most common would be the medium width in black or blue ink, a fine point is made too, and the gel ink version can be found in Staples etc.

Be sure to keep the spring that fits over the point end, you don't get a new one with a new refill !

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