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A Ferrari Pen - Any Ideas?


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Evening folks... yesterday (15 October 2016) I bought a very nice looking Ferrari pen for £30. I have tried to identify the maker but have found only one reference and that's on a certain internet auction house whose name begins with 'E' ;o) that example is selling for £64 which is very nice seeing mine was £30... So, over to you folks, any ideas who made it, year of issue and was there any thing like a case/box, in fact any information would be very appreciated. Thank you in advance.





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Judging from the nib, I'd guess it's Ferrari by Artena. Not terribly rare or valuable, I'm afraid. If it's real, there should be a 'off. lic.' on the cap ring, I believe.


Unfortunately there are also lots of Indian-market copies out there.

On the Hunt For:

1) Atelier Simoni ID Demonstrator Natural Rhodium (As if it existed.)

2) Moresi 2nd Limited Edition Delta Demonstrator

3) y.y. Pen Club #4 and #10

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