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Pen And Ink Drawing Course: Week 2


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db2c7ae4-c6c5-4d47-9b64-955e3a22be79.gif Week 2: Practice Scribble and Loop Stroke


Last week we looked at how parallel lines are used to create tones in P&I drawing. This week we will look at scribble and loop strokes and how they can be used to create tree foliage. This is a very fun stroke that can be used to create pleasing trees as shown below.


Scribble and Loop Stroke:

These strokes are used to create tree foliage, bush, background foliage etc. In a scribble stroke, you ‘scribble’ and create feeling of small interconnected loops as shown below. In a loop stroke, each ‘loop’ is created separately by lifting the pen between strokes and because of this scribble is much faster than doing loop stroke but loop stroke gives a more open airy feel. Make sure the orientation of the scribble and loop is random and in different sizes to give it a feel of foliage.


As with parallel lines, we also need to create tonal variations when using these strokes to bring out the volume of the foliage. This is done by adding more strokes where darker tone is desired. You can use smaller loops and scribble to add tone easily. Practice this stroke extensively as it is usually part of any landscapes with trees and bush.


Following are some example of trees done using this stroke. First, a uniform tone of foliage is added. Next, add some dark using the stroke to bring out depth and volume.




Download the outline of trees here that you can use to practice scribble stroke.


Practice this stroke and create simple pleasing trees using it this week.


This is part of my weekly posts to learn drawing simple landscapes in Pen and Ink. You can visit the course at pendrawings.me/course.


Have fun,





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Lighthouse landscape, using some of your techniques.

But still need more practice.



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