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Hello From Canada


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Hi there, I'm Loki from Canada. I've been trying to form good habits in the forms of writing stories,
drawing and other such things and decided to look into fountain pen writing as a hobby.

I used some youtube information to figure out what I wanted and recently ordered

a Pilot Metro fine and some noodler's anti feathering ink. I'm really excited to receive my order

and to start practicing my hand writing again.


Another reason I wanted to pick this up is because I hate my signature, I have a rather

long last name and it drives me mad that when I sign I look like a fool, sometimes even rushing

through from anxiety of people watching me write.


As well that my grandmother had beautiful handwriting even when she was using a simple

ball point or gel based pen. Where as my father had very clunky child like writing, which is

alright as well but I never want to write in that way and I fear my writing will deteriorate eventually.

I included a picture of my hand writing with I think a gel pen? Impressions of it would be nice.


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Welcome to FPN.

It's a very dangerous path you're taking. You start with one fountain pen, and before you know it you own dozens or more.


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Haha! I kinda figured it might be a snowball effect Lisadan, I'm already peeking at some prettier pens and dip pens, but I really want to

try and focus on just using the metro until I feel I can put out for a prettier pen :) I fear that I will want to buy ALL THE INKS.

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Hello and Welcome to FPN!! Glad to have you as a member!!


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Hello and welcome to FPN.

Recite, and your Lord is the most Generous  Who taught by the pen

Taught man that which he knew not (96/3-5)

Snailmail3.png Snail Mail 

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Welcome to our little corner of the universe from a pen user in San Diego. I'm sure you will enjoy your time here Loki.

In spite of ourselves we'll end up a'sittin' on a rainbow

Against all odds honey, we're the big door prize

We're gonna spite our noses right off of our faces

There won't be nothin' but big old hearts dancin' in our eyes.      John Prine's Against All Odds





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Hello, Loki, and welcome to the Fountain Pen Network. Glad you have joined us. This is now your place as much as it is ours. Please don't be shy. Ask all the questions you have and don't hesitate to state your opinions. I hope you enjoy your time here.

-David (Estie).

No matter how much you push the envelope, it will still be stationery. -Anon.

A backward poet writes inverse. -Anon.

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If you already fear wanting to buy all the inks, never fear. You will definitely want to buy all the inks. hahaha


Head over to the handwriting improvement forum! There's all sorts of posts about various resources available for all kinds of different handwriting styles. :)

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Welcome, Loki !


Your handwriting is entirely legible. If you want any part of it to appear differently, take time to form each letter, as you wish it to appear. It is acceptable to "borrow" parts of writing from others, and add them to your style. Find reasons to practice -- journals, shopping lists, handwritten memos, letters, etc. Make it fun.

Auf freiem Grund mit freiem Volke stehn.
Zum Augenblicke dürft ich sagen:
Verweile doch, du bist so schön !

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Welcome to the forum! I haven't been around long here myself and have actually only joined a couple days ago, but I started with a Lamy Safari and a Lamy st while I was in Germany a while back, and a bit of a journey later and now I own 11 or 12 pens. It's a quick journey into this money sink my friend :P


Your signature looks fine to me. It probably looks better then mine, as I don't even use Cursive to write my signature, nor do I stylize my full name.

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