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Hi all. I am wondering if anyone out there knows of a source for Hero 616 nibs or a nib that will fit the 616. I would like to get something other than the fine nib that is on all of these pens. Ideally, I would like to have a medium-fine stub... if I could find one. I have seen a "lot of 5 nibs" listed on Ebay but, of course, they are the standard fine nib. I suppose I could just grind down the standard nib and do without the tipping material but before I do that, I thought it a good idea to toss out the question to this worldwide forum.





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Sorry AFAIK , Hero ever only offer them in the standard ( which is fine in this forum's jargon ) and EF, and a Calligraphy ( aka Fude ) nib option. And after market nibs are not known to deviate from this. The fact that Calligraphy nib is more of a common nib choice and option means that Hero had no need to offer anything specifically wider than their standards. Customer who want to have line variation and broader strokes ( so to speak ) would use the Calligraphy nib.


On further note, out of recollection I recall Hero used to have in the past FM nib option and there might still be stock of those but my past experience is that the FM is only marginally broader than the standard ( aka fine ). And also note that the 2 different size of 616 use 2 different kind of nib ( the feed contact loop length differ by 1mm if my memory serve me right )

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