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Removing Pilot Con-50 Converter From Nib Unit

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I have an old-style, faceted Namiki Vanishing Point and wanted a factory stub nib for it. I made the mistake of buying one from Amazon that is like this one from Goulet Pens.
Pilot Vanishing Point Nib Unit, Black 1.0 mm Stub
I was able to install and use the nib unit, but the pen leaked. After some research, I realized that the CON-50 converter won't work in my old-style pen. I tried to pull the converter from the unit, but it wouldn't budge. Additional research leads me to believe that a nib unit purchased with a CON-50 converter will likely have the converter glued in place as per
Is there any way to separate the converter from the nib unit so I can use a cartridge or the correct converter? Would hot water or a flame work? I'm not concerned about sacrificing the converter.
Thank you.
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As far as I'm aware, the CON-50 converter is not glued in - at least, not if you bought it from Goulet Pens. It's a pretty snug fit so requires a strong tug to remove. If you're not sure, consult with your supplier before getting too forceful...

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