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Kwzi Foggy Green


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As we know, KWZ makes excellent ink in Poland and thankfully Cyber6 went to great efforts to let everyone know about this ink, arrange group purchases, and with ink lovers frothing at the mouth to the retailers, Vanness carries these inks in the US. I believe there is also a shop in Belgium as well, but I don't know the name. Other shops in the US have tried to obtain these inks, but Konrad is a very busy professor at university so his time is somewhat limited. You should seriously consider these inks if you haven't already.


Foggy Green is a wonderful dark, muted green. Not as dark as Sailor's Miruai if you've tried that one. Foggy Green stays dark green, and only in the shadows does the appearance shift to near black. This is a green that leans a little towards the blue. This is yummy stuff for a murky green lover like me. KWZ Rotten Green is probably more muted, as in neutral/grayed, and leans slightly towards the yellow.


The usual papers: Mohawk via Linen=MvL, Tomoe River=TR, Hammermill 28 lb inkjet=Hij.










Not sure if I'd trust this ink if there was a serious spill. But this is considered part of the standard line of KWZ inks, so water resistance is not expected. Relatively easy to clean from pens as a result.



Another fascinating ink droplet.




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Thanks for this.

I keep see-sawing with this ink. Sometimes it looks like a must have but at other times it doesn't :huh:

Looking forward to seeing it in the flesh, I hope, on Sunday.

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I have a sample of this ink and after Rotten Green, it is my favorite murky green ink. Really wonderful.

I hope that in future Konrad makes a version of all his inks without that intense odor (I think Honey was made already what means they are working on it, greeeaaat !!!!). KWZ inks are so impressive.

thanks for the review white_lotus.

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