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Flourishing For Broad Edge?

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Hello guys. I am quite new to calligraphy and thus all that's related. Since my attempts in searching online for broad edge flourishing have yielded nothing so far, I wonder if flourishing is specifically for pointed nibs only? If so, is there any resource I can refer to when attempting on a more elaborate style for broad edge calligraphy? Thank you :)

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No, the broad edge pen can be used to flourish. It takes a special technique, raising the pen edge onto a corner and pulling out ink to work into a flourish. That is a master-level technique, requiring a good bit of practice and skill. It is much easier to use a flex nib on the written work to embellish flourishing onto the page. Much easier.


In my opinion, flourishing is best attempted after a style of writing is fully mastered. Since you say you are new to calligraphy, that begs the question -- have you fully mastered the alphabet(s) you are working with? Personally, I do relatively little flourishing and concentrate on learning letters and hands. Usually write in Italic, decorate with Uncials and Roman Capitals. Also do Copperplate every so often. Maybe, in a few more years (I have only been studying writing for 40 years) I will attempt some flourishing. Course, that's only my preference.


Best of luck,


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As I recall... Calligraphic Flourishing by Bill Hildebrandt is a great start.


Flourishing is a separate art of lettering. It's about decorating your letters. So practice both, it's fun. For calligraphic art... It's better to have what Randal said.... Have a strong lettering skills is enough or better than with Flourishing and poor lettering.


Remember, flourishing is the art of decorating your letters... Hence it is better to have your letters calligraphic ally acceptable as your primary goal.

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Indeed one can flourish with a broad or edged nib. Look at this example from Cataneo from the 16th Century: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Cancellaresca_von_Bernardino_Cataneo,_1545.png


The thing with flourishing is that a little goes a long way - and it looks best when the lettering is good too :-)


- Salman

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