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First Stub Nib (Lamy) ?


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I have another thread talking about my entrance into fountain pens; I won't go into too much detail, but if anyone is interested in a little background, feel free to read that thread before continuing on in this thread surrounding a few questions I have regarding stub nibs.

Here is that thread:

I know there are a lot of really good recommended pens with stub nibs or even flex nib pens, however, I don't really want to buy another pen as I just got done spending a decent chunk of money so I thought getting a replacement stub nib for my Lamy Safari would be a good starting place.

I want to add a little flair / flourish to my salutations, signatures, and some capital letters. The pens in question that I could put a stub nib in are,

Jinhao X450.
Lamy Safari.

I currently have a Goulet broad in my Jinhao x450 and I could buy a Goulet stub for it. Replacing the nibs in the pens I own is pretty simple, however, nib replacement in the Lamy is probably the easiest amongst the pens I own. Because I don't want to spend a lot of money and want my first stub experience to be simple and hassle-free do you guys or gals think getting a replacement stub for my safari is the best route for a first timer / good starting place stub nib? Any and all suggestions are welcome.

Brian from Goulet Pens also recommends starting with a 1.1Stub; would you guys and gals agree?

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One nice thing about getting a Lamy stub is that you can use some Scotch tape to pull the nib off (while the pen is inked), and push a new one on without rubber gloves and without getting ink all over your fingers (whereas the others will require you to pull the nib and feed). You may still get a little ink on your fingers, but it won't be tons, and you'll be able to write immediately with the swapped nib.


This means you can switch back and forth quickly and easily. For that reason alone, I'd recommend it.


As for whether to get the 1.1, 1.5, or 1.9, well, it depends. For every-day writing, the 1.1 is probably best, 1.5 might work, 1.9 seems like too much. I have the 1.1 and was kinda wishing I'd gotten the 1.5 (wanted a more dramatic difference), but that's without trying the 1.5, so it's possible after trying it, I'd prefer 1.1 for every day. (Maybe one day I'll get the other two and see.)


The 1.1 does not make my writing look better - but that's probably cuz my writing doesn't look good in the first place. :)

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The size of your regular writing will probably determine how wide a stub you want to buy: my first was a 1.5mm, but I use it far less often than the 1.1mm (and finer) stubs I've bought subsequently.


My personal experience is that the Goulet 1.1mm stubs I've purchased were wetter and juicier than the Lamy - though I only have 1 of the latter, and may have been unlucky! A Goulet stub in a Jinhao works really well for me.


If you want to purchase a stub nib for your Eco, bear in mind it's a narrow #5 nib and TWSBI don't sell their own branded replacements. You can, of course, buy a TWSBI Mini nib assembly and remove the nib - but they're *very* tightly wedged in, and there's a good chance you'll destroy the fins on the feed. Or you can buy a 'bare nib', non-branded, from elsewhere.


I've recently purchased a few replacement nibs for my Eco from fpnibs.com in Spain (they sell Lamy nibs also). Given I can't buy anything in my home country (Australia), it's all international shipping (and long delivery times) for me, unless I want to pay the outrageous mark-ups imposed by local distributors - but fpnibs offer inexpensive shipping, and you can buy a "bare nib", a JoWo (same manufacturer as for TWSBI) half the price of a TWSBI nib unit. What's more, Pablo (their nib expert) can do custom grinds for the best prices I've found anywhere, and his workmanship is first rate. I have a couple of fine (~0.8mm) custom stubs, a couple of architect grinds, plus a factory stub which is currently providing me with a lot of joy in my black TWSBI Eco.

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I have Lamy 1.1, 1.5,and 1.9, and whichever I prefer depends on what I'm doing. I'm thankful to have them all, especially since they'll last as long as I'll need them and the price was reasonable and only likely to go up.

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-- Update --

My first Stub Nib arrived today from Goulet Pens. I ended up getting a 1.1 Stub for my Lamy Safari. I absolutely love stub nibs!!!!! I don't even think I am the greatest writer yet and does it ever give my writing nice style and variation; which is the purpose. I think I found my nib preference from here on out for sure.

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