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Mystery Mechanical Pencil, And Pen Too

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Hi, I recently found this up for sale in a local online marketplace, and I can't help wondering the make of the mechanical pencil. I'm quite interested in it, but it'd be much better when I actually know what I'm buying.




Sorry for the picture quality, but this seller really does provide only the most vague of description and pics. I've dealt with him before and he was good, and I'm quite sure they're brand-name stationery.


The vague description only mentioned that it might be Japanese? It also said Boxy, but from what I know Boxy is just a product line of Mitsubishi Pencil and does not include pencils or pens like these. The button of the pencil looks somewhat like the GraphGear 1000's and it seems to have a rubber grip?


While at it, an ID of the ballpoint would be nice too. Thanks :)

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The BP reminds of Parker, but with different furnishings. Inoxcrom, perhaps?


The pencil reminds of Karas Kustoms or one of the other independent metal-pen-makers.

But could be quite different.






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Yes, D.ick, it does look like a Parker, that was my first guess as well, but then I noticed the top is quite different.


Ah! Thank's for the spot-on ID, ThePen-cil, so it's a Fisher... That's a surprise! It's not a brand I expected to find here in my country. This seller does hold a lot of surprises... I can't wait for the next one. By the way, I found out that this is a discontinued model, if so, when do they stopped producing these?

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