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Red For Grading In Platinum Preppy


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Dear all,


I recently bought myself yet another Platinum Preppy (in 03 = fine) in red. Naturally it came with one red cartridge.

I can't say that I was all that convinced by that ink; it was pinkish, did not flow so well (didn't even saturate the fins of the feed properly), and it would dry up at times)


So now I'm looking for a better ink for that pen; still red and just for grading papers.

So, I'd like an ink that's

- a more true red,

- not pale,

- behaving well on all kinds of sub-par paper,

- not easy to dry up (since the preppy is what it ts),

- price and size of bottle should not be too great.


- Can't be Noodler's; not available here.


I've considered Sheaffer Skrip Red, and Diamine Wild Strawberry so far. If you have other suggestions, please share your ideas.

Thanks a bunch.


Edit: I live in a very humid environment, so I was worried about the Sheaffer's distinct lack of water resistance. The humidity here definitely affects paper over time, and when left out in the open.

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Well, I think Noodler's Nikita would really fit all of your needs but alas you cannot get Noodler's inks. I'll give a vote for Montblanc Poppy Corn Red, it's a nice vibrant color and MB inks behave very nicely. Unfortunately, it also lacks water resistance. De Atramentis Document Red is also an option although I found the Document Blue fairly poorly behaved on cheap paper, then again I also had a sample of a mix of document white and document blue that worked pretty well on poor paper. So, perhaps look into some reviews of the red to see if it meets your requirements.

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I would suggest Diamine Poppy Red, which i have used in grading. While i also use and like Noodlers Nikita and Noodlers Berning Red, i think the Diamine stands out better on papers.


I have found that a rich blue is better for editing and grading papers as it stands out out better than a red.

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@Abner thank you for these suggestions.


I'm tempted

I probably won't buy the De Atramentis, with one reason being the fairly high price ($18.something on goulet for a 35ml bottle). It also looks borderline too pale in reviews.


As for MontBlanc....It looks nice in reviews. The bottles are really cool (Credit where it's due). Price is not that bad (IMHO). Yet, I don't know if I can get behind MD as a brand, it's just so .... elitist. Must say, not a fan.


Please (everyone) suggest more things though. I'm not in general that negative about things.




Indeed Diamine Poppy and Wild strawberry are both on my shortlist. They're kinda on there as one. I liked strawberry a bit more from what I could see, but the dealer might convince me outherwise


Indeed (#2) I also use a colour other than red in my grading. Red for mistakes and their corrections, normally blue for suggestions and final comments. I'm currently using a blend that's mainly Diamine Indigo (not really into it though). I want to change it to a Royal blue. (Alas, my Parker 51 Special does not like Diamine Royal Blue which I already have)

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