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Papier Plume's Upcoming Limited Ink - Garden District Azalea


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Quick shout: Papier Plume will be releasing the last of the ink in the Homage to New Orleans series this friday. The ink is called Garden District Azalea and it is a pink ink. I got a sample of the ink for (re)view purposes and that will be coming up soon, but wanted to give everyone a heads up - I happen to have just a handful of pink inks - mostly because they don't match my eyes :)


Here is a swab of the ink


Here is the official bottle / ink shot



Expect release at 11am CST on Friday the 16th. - They will have a limited run 60 bottles to sell online.
I'll be posting a more formal view tomorrow, hoped for today, but I dont think it will be ready.

Also Papier Plume notifies the ink availability and other news through their newsletter first, then Instagram, then Facebook, and finally twitter (in that order).


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Crass! I think it's the orange in there which makes me like the pink. Will also have to check with the real flowers (which I do already have out in the garden) because I think that they (the flowers) -- belonging to the rhododendron group -- are even more orange and/or brown. Thanks for the report, Jack!



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