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The Comeback Of Cursive - The Economist


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[Whoops! I posted a dupe. Catbert posted about this before - sorry. Moderators, remove the thread if you like. David]


The Comeback of Cursive

Once derided as a relic of the past, handwriting looks poised for a revival

The Economist, Sep 7th 2016


PARENTS are not the only ones bemoaning the way so many schools have given up teaching children to write longhand. Researchers are also aware that more than mere pride in penmanship is lost when people can no longer even read, let alone write, cursive script. Not being able to exchange notes with the boss or authenticate signatures, for instance, can hurt a person’s chances of promotion...

Read the full article (for free) here:


Note: I am not affiliated with U.K.-based print magazine The Economist; just an occasional reader.

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Excellent article. Also posted by catbert. It should be noted that what is being praised is "cursive writing" and not printing. See also: http://www.nytimes.com/roomfordebate/2013/04/30/should-schools-require-children-to-learn-cursive/the-benefits-of-cursive-go-beyond-writing for more on the benefits of cursive writing. Students who wrote their essays in cursive rather than print scored higher on SAT tests..



-David (Estie).

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Thank you so much.

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