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I decided to use multilayered color cloth/resin to try to get a striated celluloid effect. The cloth is cotton canvas of six colors. The effect is most prominent when there is a lot of curvature in the elements. The nib set is Jowo #8 18K cartridge/converter filled. I have not decided on a clip or roll stop but whichever, I will try not to interrupt the patterns. Now that I know more about how it works, I intend to try some more subtle classic colors.




Joe B.



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Did you make the micarta yourself?


Yes, I did. There're are 60 layers of fabric in 7/8" thickness. Originally I had trouble getting enough thickness within the working time of the resin. Then I learned that by halving the hardener and starting with refrigerator cold resin, I had time enough. I plan to reduce the fabric thickness (and further increase the number of sheets) to get a smoother looking surface. It is quite smooth now, much smoother than the photos appear, but lighter fabric does smooth the texture. I will double or triple the sheets in each color layer to still attain the striated effect.


Here's another micarta pen that I also did recently.



Thanks for your interest,





Thanks, Joe

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Very impressive work. I imagine there was some soul destroying trial and error involved before you mastered the process. The results look worth it.




Thanks! Yes, it was and continues to be a learning experience. Once, I tried high quality cotton paper to try to get an ivory look. It worked very nicely for a flat product but wouldn't stand up to the radial stresses of turning. And, before I learned ways to extend the working time, it was like a three ring circus trying to get a thick blanks within the ten minutes working time.


Joe B.

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