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Danitrio #8 Nibs (2016): Looking For Wisdom And Help


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So, here I am, on the edge of getting a Danitrio Mikado (midori-dame) and trying to decide what nib should I arm it with. If I understand correctly, from what I have read these days, it seems that Danitrio used to offer 'soft' (semi-flex) and 'stiff' #8 nibs. But apparently they don't do that any more (since when? Why?). Their catalog, today (August, 2016), states:


"#8, 18k gold nibs for Mikado, Genkai, Sho-Genka, are available with F, M, B, and Stub".


I have asked the lovely people at nibs.com about adding some flex to one of these nibs and they answered that "adding flexibility (to a 18k gold nib) is not something we can do that well". So, here I am, trying to decide what stock nib to get...


I love line variation. Normal writing, for me, must have some "calligraphic options". And in such a pen (wow! I'll include some pics) you better have the right nib to help your wild calligraphic fantasies blossom.


So, does anyone have experience with the nibs Danitrio is currently using (that is August 2016)? Are they super-stiff? How wide is their stock stub? Could you get some line variation from the M or F nibs by applying some pressure?


For comparison purposes, I have a Nakaya cursive italic that was grind by John Mottishaw from a BB. I love it (and it writes like a dream), but it is stiffer than I'd like it to be.


Can someone tell his/her experience with customized Danitrio nibs?


Thank you for your feedback :)





pd. I took the photos from nibs.com (and thank them) with the sole aim of sharing the beauty of this pen.






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OK, the pen was ordered... Since 18 kt gold nibs are hard to custmise because of their softness, I decided to stick to the stock stub (time will tell...). I'll keep you posted.

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Sorry that I have only now seen yor post, tabata. I might have been able to offer you some encouragement...


A couple of years ago I traded two or three pens for a used Danitrio Densho. I love the pen, although some earlier owner has abused the nib (there are scratches on one tine, as if some tool has been used badly on it?)


Now, despite having an 18kt nib in medium, I was assured that Mr. Mottishaw had added flex to it and I am sure that this is so, for it is rather flexible -- I almost wrote <very> flexible! Yes, it is that good; but...but...there is occasional tram-lining...


Whether or not it is too late for you to ask for the addition of some flex, I know not (probably -- my guess?), but I hope you love the pen. Do keep in touch and let me know how it works out?

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These are Bock No 8 nibs. If you have used a Delta nib before in the oversize Dolce Vita, it's the same nib. The Stub is not very wide. I would say 1.1 maybe 1.2 at best. Definitely not as wide as the Visconti 1.3 stub. I would say the nibs are definitely soft. Which unfortunately also mean they are prone to going out of alignment quite easily. Buy from a place with a nibmeister because all my Danitrios needed adjustments. And I have 4 of them.

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[i just discovered that if you try to post something and you haven't sign in, you loose the whole text. Dear FPN administrators, do something about it!]


So, what I was trying to say is, thanks for the replays. My Mikado is already waiting for the customs officers to make their job (hopefully quickly) and she comes armed with a stock stub nib. Maybe at some point in the feature we'll consider a flexier transmutation. She's coming via nibs.com, so I believe she will be a great writer, 'cause they adjust pens before delivering.


I'll keep you posted and publish some hi res pics and some calligraphic porn for you to judge.


All the best

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OK, Danitrio Mikado in Midori-Dame (that is greenish tame-nuri) is here. She arrived some days ago, she's gorgeous and she is... blue! O_o Surprise!


I open the big box, the medium box, the small box and there, wrapped in plastic, is she. I take her out and she looks very... black, with some distinct blue where the cap and the barrel intersect. Weird... But after a moment of (painful) doubt I simply realise she is beautiful (and yes, BLUE). I unscrew the cap and am able to see the section. It has a lighter, more brownish tone than the barrel and has BLUE accents on the edges. Well, as you can see on the pics, at its very tip, the section looks greener, although it is likely because of the combination of the blue underlying color and the amber-translucent urushi lacquer on top. Judge for your selves.


I love the pen (badly) and prise the pen gods for bringing her to me; but for the sake of knowledge, I consulted the crew at nibs.com about a possible mistake: Midori turning to Ao when placing the order. They discarded that possibility. So it is either i) urushi colour variation can be heavier than I thougt (this is my first experience with tame-nuri), ii) the crew at Dani-trio have mistaken something, iii) I discovered my otherwise unnoticed daltonism. I may ask Dani-Trio for their opinion, since the answer might be relevant information for the tame-nuri fan community. In any case: I just love my pen!


I did some technical pics to share the color aspect of it. I'll do some more porn-like pics as soon as I have some time. For the time being, I think these ones do some justice to the beauty of this gorgeous pen. I took the photos with a high-end Fujifilm camera+lens and did not process color afterward (just contrast, a bit). Fujifilm is known for color accuracy, so it can't get much better to this regard. Of course, my monitor and your monitors might not be equally calibrated (plus environmental factors), so we won't see exactly the same colours. I think you'll anyhow grasp the blue on the pen (in the pen, literally). The other pen there is a Nakaya Long Cigar in Shu (polished red). You can compare sizes (and beauty).


Oh, and I finally got a stock stub (weeeeeet) nib. It is beautiful and lies down an impressive amount of ink. I started with Sailor Tokiwa-Matsu, which is possibly wetter than average. Next time I'll try Pelikan Turquoise. I believe it will be drier.


All the best





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I don't care what Nibs.com says. That is not midori. Danitrio do make a blue undercoat tamenuri. I can't remember the name now.

If you want less blah, blah, blah and more pictures, follow me on Instagram!

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