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Pilot Heritage 91 - Tiny O-Ring


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while flushing my pilot heritage 91 with the blue bulb supplied by pilot i found a broken tiny o-ring

in the sink (refer to attached). would anyone have encountered same issue? do i need to worry?

any recommendations on what to do about it? i have contacted pilot japan, so far my email has been

to no avail.

all your inputs are highly appreciated

many thanx!!




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Welcome to the forum. Someone will be able to help out. I have a similar issue with my 92

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The thread section of the 91 should have an o-ring if thats missing your still ok replacement should be easy to come by if your diving shop or hardware store sells o-ring of different sizes the o-ring is there to help secure the barrel to the section

If you have a custom 74 you can check the o-ring from that pen's section and measure it out, as for a custom 92 I can't help you there... Can you even remove the section from that pen?

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