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Staedtler Mars Vs Mars Matic Technical Pens


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Ever since I started using them, I've been wondering about the 'matic' in Staedtler Mars Matic 700, but I simply dismissed my curiosity until recently I stumbled upon it's older cousin the Mars 700.


As seen here http://robotninjamonsters.blogspot.co.id/2011/07/last-vintage-technical-pen-set.html



Aside from the looks, and a different design of the feed/screws on the nib of the pen I don't see any difference. I don't own the non-matic version, so I don't know about the internal mechanisms, but I'm struggling to see how can the needle and weight mechanism be upgraded to become "matic". From what I can see, the only differences are:



  • grooved grip
  • smooth body
  • denser feed/screws


  • square-dotted grip
  • textured body
  • wider feed/screws


I guess the design of the feed is critical in making it matic? Or is is just some fancy marketing stuff to make thhe pen sounds more advanced than it really is? If not, then what does it actually mean by matic?

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Big fan of the 700s BiTD :)


"Mars" is their brandname but I believe the "matic" extension came about when Staedtler introduced some extra gizmos you could attach your pens to... compass? stencil/tracer? enlarger/reducer?


Some of my pen sets came with clamps that the pen screws into.

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Ahh... I think that'd be a more logical explanation than some 'matic' upgrades to the pen design itself, I think.


So the 'matic' is refers to the role of the pen in the set of instruments itself as a whole.

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I think it is just wordplay. Everything in German with "matic" sounds more technical. And mars matic sounds cool, English and technical.

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