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Seeking Feedback About Montblanc Repair Service


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Hi everyone,


This is my first post here and I know others must have asked the same question before but please indulge me.


About two days ago, I had to deposit my one month old yet sadly defective Meisterstück 149 at a Montblanc Boutique here in Paris in order for it to get serviced and repaired (under guarantee). Since I'm intending to also send it periodically for maintenance, as they recommend, I think this is as good time as any to ask the following questions:
1. How is the Montblanc Repair Service in general? Did any of you have to deal with the one here in Paris (in which case your feedback would be VERY valuable)?
2. Should I expect problems such as misaligned nib tines or scratches on the body of my pen (which was in perfect condition when I handed it to them) when it comes back? Any of you had this kind of situation happening? (if yes, how did you handle it?)
P.S. I'm really a maniac when it comes to my valuable possessions. I obsess about very tiny micro-scratches on my pens and gold nibs that sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night to check them up!
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