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Jfk With A Parker 45?

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Hi all,


Sorry if this is common knowledge, but I recently came across a picture that shows JFK using what looks to be a Parker 45 cap activated ballpoint. I'm not an expert in Parker, pens however, so I can't be sure. I read somewhere that while it has long been thought that JFK preferred Jotters as his handy-everyday pen (usually to be given out as mementos), it's more likely that they were first 45s which then might have become Jotters.


Anybody have any more insight or information? I know the pen does not make the man (rather vice versa), but I've always found it super cool to know what pens politicians/highly visible public figures use in their everyday lives -- away from the ceremonial Townsends and Mont Blancs.


Here's the pic:


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Edit: Also, I'm assuming ballpoint because of the caption that states he's jotting notes while on a boat. Time wise, I think this photo was supposedly taken in 1960 while he was president-elect.

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As best I remember, the P-45 ballpoint arrived after the P-45 fountain pen had become a big seller. It was an upscale version of the Jotter. Approximate timeline?


- Jotter: about 1955. Price = $1.98 by 1962 or so


- P-45: began selling late 1960. Price = $4.98


- P-45 ballpoint: began selling about 1963 or 1964. Price = $2.98


The P-45 ballpoint was essentially a cap-activated Jotter. Similar to the P-51 ballpoint except, of course, with P-45 clip and trim.


The picture is too blurred to guess at the pen. Writing angle? Good point. However, if I wanted to jot notes on my cabin cruiser, if I owned one, I would want to use a ballpoint. JFK is reinforcing the pad of paper with his left hand, which would make sense with a ballpoint: you have to press hard.

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I am always under the belief that these personalities just use what's being pushed onto them.. Some, of course, have an air for writing and perhaps even pens. But the majority I would assume don't have time and so they use what's available or what someone offers them as a gift?

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