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Wahl-Eversharp Skyline Modern Stripe

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Midnight shifts are dangerous times when the work is done and the internet beckons. Slumming around Ebay at around 3am a week ago i blearily stumbled my way into the vintage fountain pens. Unsurprisingly there were some very nicely cleaned up and repaired Skylines waiting for a new home. Sadly the one i set my sites on sold with a stratospheric price. And then i found this beauty.





Snagged it for a song compared to the other Silver/Grey modern stripe i had been oggling earlier in the week.


It is absolutely gorgeous! Not a crack, dent, ding, or major scratch on it. As you can see, a modern strip Skyline, normal 5 1/4" length with a maniforld(non-flex) nib.


In the hand, it is very light light pen. I do not have a scale to weigh it, but by hand, the Skyline weighs less than my Lamy Safari. The nib is buttery smooth with a hint of feed back. Right now it is writing with a fairly wet medium line. For the moment, Noodler's Squeteague is the ink of choice to help get the last residue of whatever ungodly blue was in it when it arrived. I cleaned it well(or so i thought) when i woke up this morning. But the Habanero i loaded into the pen started out as brownish and eventually turned to a brackish green blue. Much more cleaning later and the Squeteague is holding steady color-wise.




On the left is a modern Skyline, middle a normal sized flex and then the newbie.




Flex on the right, manifold left, modern middle. I wasn't expecting the Manifold nib to have quite that much of a different shape compared to the flex until i had them side by side. The manifold is narrower, and has a much more pronounced curve to the nib where the Flex is wider with a more gentle curve to the nib.





Lastly some size references between themselves and some common pens.


There really isn't too much I can add about the Wahl Eversharp Skylines that hasn't already been written. They are very good looking pens, they write extremely well, and there are plenty of them.


I love it, and in a week or two i should have a semi flex Skyline in my hands to compare to the flex and manifold Skylines!

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Very nice thanks for posting the pictures

It's a small world......but I'd hate to paint it. -Stephen Wright

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All your Skylines are beautiful & I appreciate your included photos of the nibs. I recently bought my first Skyline, chosen for it's brown body with striped cap, & seller's description of "good flex," only to find NO flex. I still love the looks of the pen & perhaps someday may find one that does offer a flexible nib. BUT today I enjoyed seeing your beautiful examples & thank you.

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