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Penreg Writing Instrument Catalog - Please Help

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PENREG is available free of charge. If you like the software, idea, please consider a helping with future development, testing, maybe additional ideas.


I have begun this some time ago, but my motivation is next to none as I have no way to say if tihis is help full to anyone but me. So far I have resources: server, disk storage, development tools, and of course major of development done (everything in my free time which is really limited). I am not looking for money, if I need I will found myself (as so far) or organise some. I am looking for people to help, or just say drop it, (because it makes no sense to anyone), not like “good job, carry on” then nothing. If you think you can criticise, advise, test, develop (PHP), please contact me and we could work together.




-Free of charge to register and use

-Item swap (like I have fountain pen I want to exchange for some different one)

-Item sell

-Report all collection with pictures

-Report all collection with pictures and prices for insurance reasons

-Report prices, value of the collection

-Display collection by lcation of the item (shelf, drawer, book case, stand on living room shelf…)

-Grade whole item and separate parts like nib, barrel, cap

-Auto build catalogs Types,nib sizes, models, brands… (auto means: User A adds brand XXX to the catalog then it is available to user B )

-Common condition codes

-Missing parts search, or parts sell

-I am looking for… like wish list.

-Reports on sold items

-Search: by every aspect of a item (brand, colour, model, nib,…)

-Collection item private or public or public just for registered users (to be viewed by others)

-API: Create item in ebay, display collection on other websites, create other store plug in, display particular item on some other blog or website where we want it to be displayed.

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