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Meisterstuck Platinum Line Legrand Ballpoint Pen - 7569 For $249.99


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This Meisterstuck LeGrand is on sale again at Jet.com.




The sale price is $279.99 and with promo code "TRIPLE15" you get an additional 15% off (but it maxes at a $30 discount) for a final price of $249.99.


Jet.com's products are fulfilled by Jet or other companies. When I ordered the pen a couple weeks ago, it was sent to me from JacobTime.com. I researched both companies, and felt safe enough to purchase a grey market pen from them. Jet.com has a thirty-day return policy as well, so it gives you time to check out the merchandise and decide if you want to keep it. JacobTime also had good online reviews as well as a good BBB standing in New York.


I have a question out on the forum to verify some of the details of the pen and packaging I received, but I am fairly certain it is an authentic pen. At 48% off the MSRP, I was willing to pay to check it knowing I can still return it.


Hope this helps someone else get a great deal too if you're in the market for a grey MB. I just tried the pricing again at 12:30 AM Pacific on 8/10/16 and it is still valid. I have no affiliation with Jet.com or JacobTime.com or Montblanc!

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Seahunter- about the make this purchase on Jet.com, fulfilled by JacobTime. How did your purchase turn out? What is the method to verify authenticity? Thanks!

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Hi, I did keep the pen. I wish I could be more helpful on confirming authenticity, but I never received any replies to my other post. There is a serial number on the inside of the clip, but it is too small to see of course. I tried to use a magnifying glass, but I did not have a good enough glass to use. I ended up just going with how the pen looked overall, the Montblanc refill, the box and papers. All combined together, it seemed too good to be a fake. I don't know enough to know for sure it was not fake, but it didn't seem fake. I know that is not much help, but you do still have 30 days to return according to their site. I was thinking about taking it to an authorized dealer to confirm authenticity, but felt awkward doing that. If you try that, please let me know. Good luck!

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Interesting to hear that you received box and papers. I went ahead and ordered the pen. It literally came in a plastic baggie inside a padded envelope. No box, no papers, I didn't even bother calling the company. Not what I was expecting. The pen does look to be high quality, but I don't have any other Montblanc pens to compare to. I felt dissatisfied that there wasn't a box or papers, which are red flags to me. I processed a return and dropping in the mail today.


I ordered the same item on Jomashop for a similar price. Confirmed that the box and papers came with it. Back ordered so will take several weeks. Hopefully will work out.

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Wow, I'm really sorry to hear that. That must have been a customer return or display model or something. I always hate ordering stuff right after Christmas because I am always afraid I am going to get someone's returned item.


At least Jomashop has been established and seems fine. Too bad about the long wait, but it will be worth it for this excellent pen!


Glad you were able to find one for a similar price - enjoy!

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