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I Just Got The Best Aftersales Experience, Ever


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Well, the subject says it all, but still...


I always had this love to fountain pens since school in that early days of my life, I had no chances of having a really luxury pen but I always wanted one. Until one day I received a special gift set of two Parker Sonnets. During my student years, I managed to destroy or lose serious amount of pens, but these two remained by my side. With the start of my career, they started received less attention (you know, keyboards) but they were not forgotten. In the recent times, however, I realized that keeping a solid set of skills is fundamental way to ensure myself I'll stay current, this is why I started enrolling in various MOOCs and spend more time on my professional knowledge set. I had to take notes on a daily basis for which I relied on my favourite ballpoint trio Jotter, Vectors and my lovely Sonnet. Not that there aren't any other good pens from other brands to pick but A: I had those for a long time and they were the few that lasted and B: Parker is basically what you get from any bookstore around.


So far so good until I foolishly injured my hand that made writing with a ballpoint pen painful at times. And this is where I rediscovered my love to fountain pens as they allowed me to write longer without a strain. Until the day I had my lovely fountain pen experienced a "malfunction". Yes, I needed this pen because it was comfortable and still, I had some other ones, but they were all lower-end models and this one was special for me. In a condition of an emotional breakdown, I contacted Parker without much hope. Contrary to my expectations, I got prompt response with a UPS label attached and instructions how to send my pen on the other end of Europe to have it fixed. The communication was absolutely smooth and fantastic. And in no time, I had my pen fixed and sent back to me, and even the packaging was amazing - they have put even a fresh convertor and an ink cartridge...


You might receive the same attitude and attention to details from your favourite local seller but hey, I'm living in a small country with miserable market compared to the "west". So, for me, this is impressive.


What is the takeaway? Well, being happy that I can count on good aftersales experience, I ended up with 8 new Parkers in about a month, including two new Sonnets, to be on the safe side. I also decided to try some other brands I had no experience with, like Lamy. And I sourced some monstrous amount of various inks cos I'll need to feed all these pens with something.


And Parker is not the only one to blame for my extraordinary expenses, this great forum is as much guilty!



(Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with Parker in any way and I this post is based entirely on my personal experience)



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Welcome !


Thank you for a valuable lesson. Investing in a good pen, of ample monetary value, is a good strategy. While one might abandon or neglect a low-value stick pen, one is less likely to let a valuable pen leave one's sight or possession. Ergo - an needed pen is always available.

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