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7569 - Meisterstuck Platinum Line Legrand Ballpoint Pen


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I know the pros and cons of purchasing grey market. I just purchased a 7569 - Meisterstuck Platinum Line LeGrand Ballpoint Pen from Jacobtime.com I am in the process of deciding if everything looks authentic. They have a 30-day return policy, so that is a plus to me. Their online reviews are mostly positive, and they have an A rating out of New York.


I have noticed a few items that seem interesting to me, and thought I would put it out here to see if anyone else has had the same experiences.


The pen was not shrink-wrapped, but taped in a plastic bag basically. The tape and plastic were of the type that you could tell if they had been opened, so I am thinking that is to indicate it is factory fresh possibly?


The only sticker on the outside did not have the serial number to the pen - is this a bad thing? It did have a number on it, and also the word "New" printed on the sticker. Has anyone seen that before? That seems strange to me.


The pen was in a white cardboard outer box with the Montblanc logo on it. No stickers on the white box.


The inner pen box looks and feels authentic, but I have nothing to compare it to. The warranty booklet looks and feels authentic. The warranty card is not filled out. As to the pen. On the underside of the clip, it has "Made in Germany" and the word "Metal". The serial number is on the outside of the clip band. I do not want to put it in the post here to give the bad guys a good number to work from, but is there a standard format to follow such as "MB" then letter, number, number, etc.; or letter, letter, number, etc.?? I assume the bad guys know the format anyway, so I don't know if this does me any good anyway, just to know the format.


Like I said, JacobTime.com is supposed to be a grey dealer, but I did have these questions arise. I do not live near a boutique to take it into to have it checked. I tried to get some pictures to post, but I could not get any close-up shots that would be of any good as far as authentication.


Sorry for such a lengthy post! I'd really appreciate any comments or suggestions as far as whether this pen sounds authentic, or screams "fake". Thank you for any help.




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Is there any additional information I can provide to help determine if this ballpoint is authentic?


Thank you.

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Photo's would help :)

Thanks, I'll try again. I couldn't get any decent close-up photos on my first time around - all were out of focus.

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Thanks, I'll try again. I couldn't get any decent close-up photos on my first time around - all were out of focus.

Mobile phone with good camera typically does a good job with least effort for focusing.

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Here are some photos. I do not know if this will help at all, as I cannot get close-ups to focus. As mentioned above, I have the number from the outside of the pen box, as well as the pen's serial number if that will help authenticate it, I just don't want to put them on the open forum because I have read that people will then use them to make replicas.










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