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Dear Friends and Pen Collectors

This note is to inform you all that after almost a year of negotiations with Omas pen company, through its Chinese owner, we finally reached an agreement and purchased all of Omas stocks and basic materials that will allow us to remake the superb celluloid pens manufactured by Omas since 1925. No doubt, those great celluloid colors are the identity of Omas for all of its pen collectors.

I cannot help but reflect on Armando Simoni, Raffalella Malaguti and their son Gianluca Simoni Malaguti, for their great work since 1925.

My respect for them! One day, I will make an special edition dedicated to "Simoni Malaguti family" in their honor, I promise.

Although, I must say this acquisition is a bit disproportionate compared to what we already did with Wahl-Eversharp and Conway Stewart, to be honest, it is the riskiest financial operation of my life.

We must remember that Omas has lost more than $10 million the last 8 years and LVMH group between 2001 and 2007 lost $5 million.

However, in both cases, the company management was incompatible with their size and so I am convinced, that the only way forward is a "family business" management style.

But with all the efforts I have put into this new venture, nothing will be possible without the support of pen collectors

In order to provide an adequate capital, I'll put online very soon a website called omasoutlet.com, where we will sell all Omas pens (more than 2,000 limited series pens included) new in their boxes. Of course, we should sell at a discount between 30% and 70% off the retail price.

My dear friends, when it comes to pen collectors, others brands call you a "niche." I call you my base. I count on you.


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Wow this is really good news!!!


All the best for your initiative Manu!


How long for omasoutlet to be online?



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thanks my friend


I think 5weeks it should be ready.. holidays here in EUROPE, all on the beach !!

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Good luck with the venture and I think the family business model may be perfect. Will it also be possible to salvage the institutional knowledge, the documents and history of the Marque?


My Website


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Many of us LOVE Omas Fountain Pens...it is WONDERFUL news to hear that you have purchased "Omas stocks and basic materials that will allow us to remake the superb celluloid pens"....doesn't sound like you purchased the Omas Company and all of it's rights, patents, equipment, etc...it sounds like a Limited purchase and limited rights for manufacturing celluloid Fountain Pens....but...


Hope you are successful and I look forward to visiting and hopefully purchasing from your Outlet web site.


Congratulations and Best of Luck...


Bill P.

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Thank you very much for this great work! Please keep us updated about the website.


I walked past a bronze Arco at a show nearly ten years years ago and still regret it. I was new then . . . now I am grateful that Omas will live.



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My friend. If anyone can make a success of this venture, it is you !!

This is evidenced by your terrific resurrection of the Wahl Eversharp brand.

I know you will remain faithful to the Omas company's vintage heritage.


I wish you every success and look forward to following your progress.


See you in DC.


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Wishing you the best in this new venture. What you and Syd have done with Wahl-Eversharp has been astounding and I trust you will show Omas the same respect. You can count on me, indeed many FPNers, to support you in this new endeavor.

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Looking forward to your website. Omas are my go to pen. Best of luck in your new venture.

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Very encouraging news!

It's a small world......but I'd hate to paint it. -Stephen Wright

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Thank you for making it possible for my favorite pen company to continue! I congratulate you on the endeavor & surely hope the risk proves minimal & the reward mighty. Please let us know when you have your "Omas Outlet" domain up & running & I will try to buy something. I had resigned myself to the Burkina Ogivia special edition I bout being my "last" Omas pen; perhaps you have made that unnecessary & there can indeed "be another."

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Congratulations and best wished for your success.


Will you have any Omas pens at the DC Supershow?




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