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Length Of "small" Dip Pen Vs. Early Slip Cap

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I was looking at my now complete telescoping dip pen, and thought the length comparison was interesting.


Here it is, extended, next to a typical early MT pen with a slip cap. This one has the rotating (NOT "rotting") (edit after below post...) collar to secure the cap on a pin on the section (it is shown in this thread). But it is the exact same size as my slip cap pens with over/under feeds.


While the dip pen appears to be a small pen, it is actually a very standard sized pen when extended for use.



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I think it was part of the early marketing strategy for fountain pens to make them look like the dip pens that customers were familiar with.


I mentioned in another thread how taper cap fountain pens seem to deliberately evoke the tapered shafts of the older dip pen handles:




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Not being a dip pen collector, I never thought about that before! :headsmack:



EoC makes a great logical point, and the photo above is a great example of the taper cap.

I love it when things start to fit together and make sense!

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