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Pilot Custom Heritage 91 Disassembly- Same As Custom 74?


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Hi all,


Having recently begun to use a Pilot Custom Heritage 91 as one of my daily writers, I started to wonder how to go about completely disassembling the pen for cleaning.


I have found several disassembly videos for the Custom 74, such as the one by SBREBrown (here), but no comparable videos for the Custom Heritage 91. Since the differences between the Custom 74 and Custom Heritage 91 seem mainly to be cosmetic (flat top and differently-shaped clip, but same nib, feed, and similar-looking section), I was wondering if the Custom Heritage 91 would disassemble in the exact same way that the Custom 74 does.


Has anyone owned or fiddled with both these pens and know the answer?

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Thank you!


If you've only recently begun using it as a daily writer, I'd advise against complete disassembly for cleaning.

I know, this is more of a "asking now for future reference" thing. I don't anticipate actually having to disassemble anything in the short run. It's just reassuring to know that I'll be able to strip down the pen for cleaning if/when it's ever needed.

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By disassembly do you mean removal of the nib & feed? It's a simple friction fit feed. It pulls right out, not terribly different from a Metropolitan.


However - I was warned to avoid TWISTING when removing the nib and feed. Apparently there an internal piece that has a chance of twisting out which you don't want... So grip gently but firmly, taking care not to bend the nib or feed's slits -- and pull straight out.


I have 3 Pilot Custom 91s and all of them arrived writing a bit too dry. I removed the nib and feed in each for some gentle flossing and very very very subtle widening of the tines. It took 2-5 minutes for each --- and after they are just incredible pens.


I have a Black EF and it's a lovely, very fine writer. It's not QUITE as fine as my Falcon SEF but that may be a result of the work I did on the nib. Consequently though, it's a slightly wet writer which makes the EF nib feel even more smooth.


Then I have Yamabudo and Tsukiyo Custom Heritage 91s and they are beautiful colors for pens...


One of my favorite things about many of Pilot's pens is just how easy it is to remove the friction fit feed. (NOT the Falcon though, unfortunately, though my two Falcons didn't need any kind of adjustment.)


If you're using traditional inks and your nib is fine there's probably no reason to remove it, though. But like you say - it's NICE knowing you CAN if ever needed.

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