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Violet Blue - Graf Von Faber-Castell


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Graf von Faber-Castell was founded in 1761 and developed into the major manufacturer of wood-cased pencils. With time they started to offer much broader range of products. Few years ago company’s introduced six inks. Recently they’ve added three new colors to the line

  1. Carbon Black
  2. Cobalt Blue
  3. Deep Sea Green
  4. Garnet Red
  5. Hazelnut Brown
  6. Midnight Blue
  7. Moss Green
  8. Royal Blue
  9. Stone Grey

Violet Blue is the newest addition to Graf von Faber-Castell line of inks. I was disappointed by last three inks (Deep Sea Green, Royal Blue, Midnight Blue) and always thought that they lack solid violet/purple in the line. Once I saw pictures of new Violet Blue on La Couronne du Comte websiite I was interested to try it, however after reading reviews of the ink I’ve decided to buy cartridges, not a bottle to try it and see how bad it really is.

Well, I thought I would hate this ink but it’s not the case. It’s subdued and subtle. In really wet nibs or broader ones it can have some charm, especially for people who enjoys all kind of shades of Lavender leaning weak Violet. I don’t so I qwon’t use this ink after posting this review. What I can say to help you make chouice if it’s worth the money? Well, the flow is decent but not very good, it offers some shading but because the ink isn’t saturated it won’t be prominent / exciting in drier pens. In theory it’s water resistant but In my opinion the faint greyish trace left after soaking the paper isn’t perfectly ligible.

In other words – I’m again disappointed by new GvFC ink offering. It’s sad because when they’ve entered the market with first six colors I was in awe. I liked them all (except Garnet Red for everything and black – for color). The last four addtions are average at best. I hope they’ll offer something as good as Moss Green again (we can discuss the color but this ink behaves perfectly well on all pens, in my experience).

Be sure to check Lapis review of this ink. He's done great job presenting and describing it, probably in much more objective way than I have done it :)


Drops of ink on kitchen towel


Software ID


Tomoe River, Kaweco Classic Sport, B




Leuchtturm 1917, Kaweco Classic Sport, B




Oxford, Hero 5028, stub 1,9



No-name copy-paperFaber-Castell Ondoro, M




Water resistance


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Pretty ink, but seems very light. Reminds me a lot of De Atramentis Jeanne d'Arc (which was also a bit too light to be really legible. I think I can pass on this one.

Thanks for the review all the same. Seeing inks I *don't* want is better for my budget.... :rolleyes:

Ruth Morrisson aka inkstainedruth

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Good review! The more the handwriting, the better, as always. That's what I like about your reviews. And thanks for referring to my site. Actually I was a bit subjective, but who isn't?

In any case, my biggest complaint was not that it is a bad ink or anything like that (and you didn't say that either), it's just that it's not at all what I was expecting....

Life is too short to drink bad wine (Goethe)

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Thanks for putting this up!, I was looking forward to this ink review. not sure if it is an ink that I would be a daily writer, it seems lighter than the ones I have, , however with a bottle already in the mail, I'll see soon if it is a keeper


+1 to Dark Lilac

I think it looks a little light too. I prefer Lamy Dark Lilac to this one. :)

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I really like the newer GvFC inks. I use them in finer nibs. They are distinctly vintage (heritage) without the awful watery-ness and dryness of most Herbin inks. They're a very refreshing change and addition to the line. I really hope they make more colours with similar characteristics.

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Well, I would rather not choose a violet, but at least this GvFC colour is decently saturated.

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It may be worth to have a look at my classifieds :)

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I bought a sample of this ink recently and just filled a Waterman pen with it. It is not an unattractive color, although I prefer Kaweco Summer Purple on the dusty side and Iroshizuku Murasaki Shikibu on the floral side--but it seems extremely dry to me.

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Since this topic has been revived, I will add my two cents.


I purchased as sample after seeing this review. I like the color - just a bit subdued with a slight gray undertone. I liked the color and actually found it to not be as light as posted. What I did not like was the flow of the ink. It does not flow nearly as well as Cobalt Blue or even as Hazelnut Brown. Also it leaves a slight residue that I do not like at all.


I agree with Vis, I am disappointed. GvFC Cobalt Blue is one of my favorite inks. Violet Blue is not anything like it.

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Really pretty. I like the blue halo the lines seem to have.


Thank you.


I'ma massive fan of GvFC pens but have yet to pull the trigger on any of their inks.

(I came really close with Stone Grey but remained strong :rolleyes: )

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