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Barossa Grape - Robert Oster Signature Ink


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I finally got a sample of this ink and am finding it surprisingly dry and pale on papers like Rhodia and Tomoe River--quite like Scabiosa in look and feel, but grayer and pale enough to challenge my old eyes. I always say I prefer less saturated inks, but this is quite extreme.


On absorbent papers it looks quite like Purple Rock, but Purple Rock is more saturated, clearly legible on any paper and close to black in my Parker 51.


I did try a paintbrush and loved the color of Barossa Grape when deployed in that way, but as an ink for writing, I find it disappointing.

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Huzzah!  Several years later, I have finally found a suitable pen and ink combination for Barossa Grape.


In a Sailor broad nib on Fabriano EcoQua paper, it produces a solid, grayish purple line.

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