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Montblanc Pink (Cartridge)


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Review of Montblanc Pink cartridge.


MB Pink is a pretty bright pink that has good flow and offers nice shading - some on copy, more on good - along with oodles of gold sheen. The ink starts right up in both tested pens even after many days of just sitting. The color is darker and redder in the wetter, thicker line of the Pelikano due to more sheen being deposited; it was darker initially in the VFM, too, but once the ink that had sat in the feed gave way to fresh ink from the cart, the color brightened considerably.


There were the merest hints of the sheen on the copy paper but the BnR showed a fair amount from the Sheaffer and copious amounts from the Pelikano (rather like the Lamy Coral in my P460). The color is similar to the Sailor Clear Candy Pink; the Sailor is brighter than the MB in the CC MF pen but slightly darker than then the MB in the Waterman JIF fine, again due to more sheen from the wetter JIF.


Here's the scan of the review form:




Here's a crop of the sheen from the P67 on the BnR (lol, just noticed I wrote P64 in the sample):




And from the Sheaffer; the sheen is heavier on the first words as the pen had been sitting, the next lines are more representative. As well, the color in the photos, especially here from the Sheaffer is more accurate than the scan.




Would I use this on a regular basis? Hmm. I find the Sailor a bit more 'happy' (especially in the lighter line of the very fine CC pen) and I'm curious to perhaps try the MB in a fine nib, like a JIF. For now, I'll leave it in the Sheaffer - this was the one I thought was going to be a sparkly bright red that turned out to be more of a dusty rose color, which actually complements the ink quite well. Serendipity at work.

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Nice review: Sheen is amazing. My MB Pink in the bottle is less dark. Hmm, need a new look. Although both aren't really my cup o' tea. But for lovers of pink, it might be a winner.



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I believe the reason the cartridges shows darker with sheen is because of evaporation. I am sure if you let your bottle evaporate a bit, you can get a darker pink with loads of sheen.



Great review Chromantic... THANKS!!! :lol:





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Thanks, all.

Cyber6 - I don't think the problem is evaporation, though. The P67 was delivered on the 5th and the VFM on the 9th; cart went in the P67 immediately so about 2 weeks there, VFM sat unopened for maybe a week so it's only been inked for a week. The carts are NOS that I received on 6-23 but the Pink only came out just over a year ago so not enough time for the ink to evaporate in the sealed carts (like the first pack of Pelikan Pink carts I received where the carts were only 1/2 full).

And I'm really not looking for a "darker pink with oodles of sheen". That's my problem with the ink, it's too dark and it seems to me that is due to an excess of sheen.

Here is another photo of that VFM sample:




The lovely pink color is the ink without any sheen, the darker red color is where the sheen is heavy. I like the lovely pink and that's why I said that I'd like to try this ink in a finer nib.

It's hard work to tell which is Old Harry when everybody's got boots on.

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