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I bought this pen in November 2014 for about $36.00 from Ebay. I knew the pen from FPN pen turning and makers’ forum. This is the original post: https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/278507-black-is-boring/?hl=jj9ball



I said I will do a review of this one, so here it is:


In terms of packaging the pen arrived in a faux leather presentation box, noting fancy but enough to protect the pen from bad handling through mail system.


I like the appearance of the pen, massive black with a dark titanium clip, no other blings to distract. Minus points on the end of cap and barrel there is a sort of logo...I don’t like.


Construction and design is straight forward, straight lines, no tapering and a flat top. There are some visual quality issues with threads, but the pen is opening and closing perfect.


The pen is very light compare with the mass and dimensions. When I brought the pen it was 6 inches long, but I manage to cut 3/4of an inch, then send to a jewellery shop to polish the barrel’s end (adding another £8.00). Now the pen looks a bit fat, but somehow like a senior size! Now I can take the pen in my shirt pocket. Also by doing this now the cap is longer than barrel, that because of the long section. A long section means the grip is not affected by the cap’s threads!


Some dimensions:

Weight (my wife’s cooking scale) +/- 24 grams / 0.85 OZ

Pen closed 5 ¼ in / 13.4 cm

Cap 0.6 in / 1.5 cm

Barrel 0.5 in / 1.3 cm


What can be said about JoWo fine nibs #6? Good, reliable and boring nib. The best feature of this pen in my opinion is the threaded converter. I had to add a plastic ball inside to agitate the ink (from a standard small cartridge). I have used exclusively in this pen a mix of Parker Quink blue with black, resulting a darker blue ink, sort of blue-black without fading out like regular BB Quink.


As conclusion I think the pen worth the $36.00 spend on it, also I like I can use more the pen now by shortening a bit. It’s a simple design, senior size pen, using standard C/C, where the quality can be improved a little bit!


An 8/10 score from me for this one.


PS: I didn’t cut at 90 degree angle, so the pen cannot stand upright, but the jeweller have done a great job polishing by rounding a bit the end so the pen it’s looks like it was made like this. Also the end logo disappears now!
















TWSBI 580 AL, JJ9Ball, Parker 51






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