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Sheaffer Skrip Red Cartridge


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I know this ink has been reviewed several times already but I was so impressed with it I couldn't resist adding one.


Skrip Red is a lovely dark red that shades nicely on the 24 lb. copy paper of the test, less shading, more even, darker line on the 20 lb. at work, shades more on better paper. I would say the color is like a cranberry red, it's definitely not a bright red, like Diamine Ruby. I was initially reminded of Levenger Claret but once I actually compared them, Claret is much darker. It looks somewhat similar to the scan of Cult Pens' Deep Dark Red in cybaea's review.


Like the Skrip Orange I reviewed, on good (BnR) paper the Red has a slightly 'flat' look to it when it dries but the beauty of the color more than makes up for that. This is less a problem on copy paper, where it really looks good. On the 20 and 24 lb. copy, show-through is minimal, though there is some slight dotting bleed but whatever they use in the petty cash slip pads at work, the bleed-through was pretty bad.


There is some water resistance, judging from the smear and drops test - plenty of residual line remains. Flow is good and the pen writes smoothly. No spread or feathering to speak of on the test paper.


I really like this ink. While not suitable for serious business use, it's dark enough that casual inner-office use shouldn't be a problem and may even elicit admiring comments. Definitely suitable for personal use (although love letters possibly restricted to vampires). I can easily see it as a daily or, at least, frequent carry.


The color in the full scan is pretty accurate, if just a teensy tiny bit light, while the partial further down is a little too dark.




full scan of review, laser copy, color is a little light




close up of shading on BnR spiral




This partial scan is darker than the review page but closer to what it looked like on the 20 lb. at work.




And the test pen - I'm impressed by how well it writes, it's smoother than my Waterman JIFs. One thing to note: the cartridge seemed pretty tight going in and, sure enough, when I unscrewed the section the cart stayed in the barrel; there was no problem (no visible leakage) after screwing it back in but may take something like a crochet needle to remove it or I can probably use a syridge to refill it in place.



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Thanks for your excellent review, Do you know if the Sheaffer Skrip Red cartridge colour is identical to that of the bottle ? I am asking you this because this ink is supposed to be the reddest ink available on the market and you write that it's in fact a dark red (and I agree with you).

All the best


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Thanks, vis and Patrick. Waiting for payday to order a bottle and then will do a follow up.

It's hard work to tell which is Old Harry when everybody's got boots on.

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Nice review and then that was already my big question. I use the Skrip Red out of the bottle for a "pure, bright" red (almost as often as D's Wild Strawberry and Poppy). But your red comes out much darker. Cranberries is the perfect comparison. I didn't know that Skrip's bottles' and carts' contents were all that different.



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