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Filling Visconti Divina Desert Springs


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I love this pen - but am not convinced that I am filling it properly - it runs out of ink very quickly


can someone please assist by providing some clear and simple instructions as to how to fill


i have the standard edition of this pen


certainly a beauty to look at and hold



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From Visconti's website:


Push and pull touchdown

  1. Push the blind cap at the end of the barrel to release the mechanism
  2. Pull the the rod all the way out, stopping when you meet resistance
  3. Submerge the nib in to the ink until the grip section is covereid
  4. Depress the plunger downward with one single stroke
  5. Blot the feed (underside of the nib) with the cotton cloth to remove the exceed of ink and eliminate the overflow immediately after filling
  6. To release ink from the pen, repeat point 1, 2 and 4.


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Leave the nib submerged in the ink for a few seconds after depressing the plunger to give time for the ink to fully fill the pen. The plunger can create a vacuum faster than the feed can draw ink to fill said vacuum.

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The Desert Springs came in two filling systems: the push & pull touchdown (vacuum plunger), and "piston filler" (captive converter). I'm pretty sure the push & pull touchdown version has an ink window whereas the captive converter version did not. Can you confirm which version you have? I have the latter. I think I get a full fill, but I can't really tell for sure. My medium nib is rather thirsty so it doesn't last as long as some of my other pens.

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Mine doesn't have an ink window - so pretty sure its a piston filler

End bar will pull out about 1cm and turn left or right

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Mine pulls out a bit further than that but it should still work. After pulling out the knob, twist to fill like you would a converter pen. If you're unsure how full you're getting it, try emptying your fill and see how many drops are expelled.

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