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Hi. This is my first post :). I'd love to identify this pen and it's age - and then see if I can replace the cap which has broken.


The pen is all stainless steel. Overall length with cap on is approx 128mm (5 inches). The pen nib says SheafferS 341. I recall it had a rubber bladder that perished and I've replaced with a plastic piston converter. The metal and rings design seems a little unusual however searching online I haven't noticed anything that seems similar. (Thank you! I'm quite excited to finally be close to learning about it!)


The cap has a hard plastic insert that grips the pen body. That hard plastic bit has broken, which means the top of the cap can no longer be attached, hence the sticky tape keeping it on and the clip lying nearby. Do you think I might find a replacement cap for it?


Many thanks.



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That looks very much like my Levenger Mach 6.



I bought this pen new in 2003. I don't know when Levenger discontinued it, but it was probably only a year or two after I bought mine. Levenger will not disclose who actually made their pens, nor will they supply parts for discontinued models. And in any event, your pen is similar to but is not the Levenger model, which has no gold-colored trim.


I've seen a couple of other similar pens of varying quality but nearly identical appearance. None had any identifying markings. A co-worker had one, very poor quality. The Levenger model was actually quite a good pen.


Bottom line: I'm afraid that you have a no-name pen and virtually no chance of finding a replacement cap.

Bill Sexauer
PCA Member since 2006

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Some years later..almost 2021..hi Chris. Did you ever find the details of your pen? I think it looks amazing!

Or was that the Merlina you mentioned in later posts? I would love to find one but probably unlikely here in NZ.

Happy New Year.

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