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What Twsbi You Are Using Today?


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4 x 580's: 1 with a 1.5 stub, 2x ALR's with a 1.1 stub, 1x AL with a 1.1 stub.


Love the stubs. My first 580ALR I bought with an EF nib. The pen wrote okay for the nib width. My second was with a 1.1 stub and caused me to buy more as well as upgrade the EF to a 1.1.


The 1.5 is filled with a shimmering ink (Diamine Peacock Flare) which I used for writing special notes, headings in a journal, etc. The others are part of my daily writing rotation and each have Diamine - Aurora Borealis, Ancient Copper, and Sherwood Green.

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TWSBI Eco (1.1 stub), inked up with Robert Oster Thunderstorm. As well as a Vac 700R (1.1 stub also, I like stubs), inked up with Private Reserve Black Cherry.

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I’m using the TWSBI Eco in black with Sailor Bungubox Ink of the Witch, which one of my brothers kindly bought for me. The Eco has the 1.1mm stub nib. 

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