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Advice On A Franklin Christoph Ice Ed'ed


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As I stated above though, I left it for an hour, I wasn't touching it, and the pen emptied. I strongly suspect it isn't meant to do that.



You are correct. That's not normal. In that case that's a leak, and has nothing to do with burping.

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It's very strange. I've never had an issue with that Kingdom Note Pheasant ink in a piston filler. I haven't used it in any other type of pen, but you'd think that if it can literally drain out of an ED'ed pen that it would at least cause a bit of blotching in other pens. I can understand that in a converter the tube of ink is so thin that it probably holds it in a tension to restrict flow to a degree, which might explain why it just about managed to hold it in when I put it through the converter in the 66.

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