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The wonderful and widely known Diamine Autumn Oak. This ink depends HEAVILY on the pen and nib as to how it looks. To me, it reads as a much more "mature" Noodler's Apache Sunset. I absolutely adore this ink and will be buying it when I have the chance to do so!


Flow: 8

Lubrication: Written says 6, but I would change to 5. It is a very watery ink and as such the flow is very good but the lubrication is fairly low.

Dry Time: 25-30s on Tomoe River paper.

Shading: 10!

Bleedthrough: None

Ghosting: Not too bad.

Color: Written says 7, change it to 8.

Overall: 7 - I absolutely adore the shading and this more mature orange ink!


Written Review:


















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I've never even thought of it but now I'm intrigued :huh:

Thanks to you, I'll be doing a little extra research on it :unsure:


Most appreciated.




Oh no. It's orange not a dark greeny looking amber :( . I'm out. :)

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I have this ink and love it. It reminds me of fall leaves. The ink color seems to change with the flow, all pretty to me. The shading and color are lovely.

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Nice ink...and i like the comment that "it reads as a much more "mature" Noodler's Apache Sunset". Good call.

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