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Platinum Ptl-5000 And Maki-E Parts Interchangability


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Hello all


I've lost the barrel of my favourite EDC pen: my Platinum PTL-5000. I (used to) keep it in the pen slot on the back of my Hazard 4 Badger ID card holder, and one day the barrel came unscrewed and disappeared without me noticing :-(


I can't find replacement barrels but have an interesting "Frankenpen" question to solve my problem. I can get a Platinum Maki-e rollerball slightly cheaper than buying a new PTL-5000 fountain pen (http://www.andys-pens.co.uk/platinum-makie-rb-phoenix?tag=modern&sort=rating&order=DESC). Does anyone know if the sections are interchangeable between the fountain and rollerball pens, ie - can I use the barrel from the rollerball with the section / nib / converter / cap from my fountain pen?


Thanks in advance if anyone can help



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