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My First 146


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Hello everyone:


I just bought my first MB fountain pen. I decided for a used 146. The seller knew about pens and said it was from early 90's. The pen was shipped with some ink (unknown brand), has a monotone nib 14K, what seems a plastic feed, brass piston threads, Germany in the clip ring, no serial number and some accessories. The ink window confuses me because it is not clear, it has black stripes but a bluish glow.

I will like your opinion as to the overall state of the pen and if there is anything I missed (Is it real?) (I checked several posts here to compare). Also, any recommendations as to cleaning or caring for the piston and nib.






Thanks everyone,

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Good choice, it looks beautiful.


As far as I know, the monotone nibs were from the earlier (modern) 146 pens, which usually had the unstriped ink-window (blue or grey). So, you could have a transitional model, or the pen may have gone back to Montblanc for a service and had a newer barrel fitted? A picture of the feed may help clarify the situation.


From what I can see, I'd say it's genuine and it looks to be in nice condition.

How does it write?




And welcome to FPN

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The only recommendation is fill it up and go.

What ink are you going to use?

When can we see a writing sample?

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Oooo, Ooo, I love my 146s. That is the model I chose because my hands are small and it is the perfect size. Holds masses of inks. So happy you fell into the trap.


I have two mono-colored nib 146s but both of them have serial numbers on the ring which holds the clip. They are not very noticeable and you might have to have a loupe to see them. FYI.


The ink I am LOVING my my 146 is Calamo Moss (Musk) Green. Just shades like mad, washes out easily, very distinguished, excellent stuff.


I hope you enjoy your lovely pen. Looks authentic to me.

 It's for Yew!bastardchildlil.jpg


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The pen looks authentic to me. As noted by CS388, it may be a factory repair job (MB replaces parts) with an older nib. The blueish tine may be dried ink. See if it changes after some flushes. Only the unstriped window had a blue/grey color to it. (Some 146-based pens in the music donation series have a stribed blue ink wondow, but the blue there is clearly blue, not just a little. It is unliley you have a 146 cap on one of those pen dodies and the ends of those are more rounded.)


Clean it out once or twice with room temperature water and then fill and go! Enjoy.

If you want less blah, blah, blah and more pictures, follow me on Instagram!

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Hello everyone :


Sorry I took so long to answer. Thank you all for the comments.

I am currently using the ink that came with the pen, but decided to try MB Mystery Black after.

I am attaching some pictures that shown the feed, sample writing and the ink window. (My photography and writing skills are not that good)


I am still getting used to writing with a FP, its a different experience (I'm used to Rollerballs) I'm really liking it!

The lines are fine and well defined, perfect for me. I have not experienced any skipping or leaks.







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Congratulations! What a lovely pen you have!

Here is mine. I find the monotone nib nicer than the modern ones.


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I have a similar pen - monotone F nib with plastic feed, brass piston threads, striped ink window, marked "W. Germany." In my opinion it's factory refitted with a new barrel and feed. No complaints, that was factored into the price (but not disclosed by the seller).


I love the pen because it's not a true collectors' item - hence, I can use it on a daily basis without worrying too much. It writes great. I've added a bit of silicone to the piston seal because it was kind of stuck.


Enjoy your pen!

"If you can spend a perfectly useless afternoon in a perfectly useless manner, you have learned how to live."

– Lin Yu-T'ang

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