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Trying To Shop Locally - Canadian Paper Manufacturers


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Howdy fellow writers,


With the plethora of foreign-made papers available for fountain pen use it occured to me to seek out a Canadian brand of paper worthy of use. I've become aware of the Shinola Detroit brand which I will be investigating further but I cannot find a brand from my own country. The Hilroy brand comes to mind but that's for ham-fisted school children and is quite coarse. Can anyone recommend a brand of paper, preferably notebook inserts, that is produced by a Canadian company?


My best,



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I've never come across any myself... but have you considered contacting Phidon Pens, Wonderpens, or Laywines and seeing if they carry and/or know of any?


I'd be curious to see what they might be able to tell you.


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Thank you dennis.f and FP.MD for your comments regarding this topic. I phoned around and found out these things:


1. Wonder Pens, Toronto - phone 416-799-5935. Said they neither carried Canadian made nor knew of any brands I might look into.

2. Laywine's, Toronto - phone 416-921-7131. same

3. Spicer's, Vaughan (email) rc.toronto@spicers.ca Actually replied to my email with this info:


Canadian made cotton papers, that we stock


Rolland Colonial Bond White

Earnscliffe Linen Bond White (available in 20lb and 24lb)



Barbara Olson Resource Centre Consultant
D 905 265 6074 E barbara.olson@spicers.ca

200 Galcat Drive Vaughan Ontario L4L 0B9
T 905 265 6060 TF 800 268 3569
F 905 265 1473 spicers.ca


4. St. Armand Papers, Montreal (email) no response yet

5. The Paper Place, Toronto - phone 416-703-0089 All but laughed at my question and reminded me how Japanese paper makers are the best.

6. Midoco Art, Annex location, Toronto - 416-588-9253 Mentioned the brand "ecojot" but in the same breath said the company has closed as the owners have retired. Did not know about any other Canadian paper companies but suggested I check out Grassroots Eco store or Papyrus.

7. Grassroots Eco store, Toronto - Physical store locations have closed. Online only. Could not find anything except the odd "ecojot" piece.

8. Papyrus, Yonge and Eglinton store - Visited in person. Nothing known and no interest whatsoever.

9. DeSerres, Yonge and Eglinton store - visited in person. Nothing known and no info given.


And there it is. While I was at DeSerres I browsed their clearance rack and came upon a spiral bound book with blank paper of exceptional quality. I didn't know the brand but bought it for the low, low price of $5.50. It probably has 250 sheets of 10 x 12 perforated sheets. I trimmed the pages up and made my own notebook inserts. Eff it. This might be the best way to go. I seem to be one of the very, very few who actually care about Canadian content.


Coach House Books seem to be a store that sells printed books. I didn't see anything available on their website.





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