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Marlen Class


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Is any one willing and able to comment on these pens? 14k nib, cc filler and slightly left field trim materials. I can not find them on Marlen's own site, only on some retailers' sites

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Sorry I found this thread late. I see no one else has responded. I have a Marlen Class in blue with a medium nib.


I like it for its unique design with the elaborate cap band, interesting section shape and the low trim ring on the body that screams for the pen to be posted. I'm pretty sure the nib is from JoWo since it has the same plastic feed and nib shape as other JoWo pens I own. As such, it writes nicely as expected for a JoWo. It also has a clip wheel like other Italians which I appreciate as I carry my pens in my shirt pocket. It's nearly the same length as a Lamy 2000 and a bit girthier. The acrylic is cut thick so feels substantial in the hand.


Although I like its look, I would not pay retail for this pen. It's just not up to the quality of other Italians and Germans in the price range. The acrylic has a very cool iridescence from certain angles, but it doesn't line up on the various plastic pieces ruining the effect some. The fit and finish around the cap isn't quite where it should be and the engraving on mine is pretty rough.


It's stylish and flashy like a good Italian pen should be. I just wish it was finished a bit nicer for the asking price. Since I got mine for a lot less than retail, I'm happy with my purchase.


I can post pics later if desired.

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Not so many threads on Marlen pens as one would expect.

I have several but unfortunately not the Class model.

Still, I have a colorless transparent Riflessi that seems very similar in shape to the Class.

I purchased it almost accidentally and initially just wanted to eventually test it and push it further.

The nib was a bit misaligned but with within a few minutes of aligning it became one of the best writers I own!

I love it and it is a frequent EDC now.

Recommendation from my side, great pens!

Current modern daily users: Montegrappa Miya, Omas AM87, S.T.Dupont D-Line, Stipula Etruria Tuscany Dreams, Tibaldi Modello 60.

Current vintage daily users: Aurora 98p, Big Red Lucky Curve, MB622, P51, P75, Pelikan NN400.

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