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Omas Ef Extra Flessibile

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Hello, I've been looking to buy any Omas pen with a 14k extra fine extra flessible nib to practice my spencerian and copperplate with. I would prefer an ogiva pen, but at this point I dont really mind what model it is. Would anyone be willing to sell or direct me to one? Thanks in advance.

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Have you tried the Omas extra flessibile nibs before? I ask because I don't think they are suited to very florid spencerian and probably not suited to copperplate at all. The EF needs really, really good quality paper above all else or it will feel draggy and scratchy. The extra flessibile nibs give a very small bit of line expression, but if you try and use it as a flexible nib (even as a semi-flex nib) it will spring in no time at all.

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