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Limited Edition Delta King Tut Pen


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Delta has just announced a new limited edition pen coming this July. The Delta King Tut pen available as a fountain pen or ballpoint pen. Limited to only 188 pieces worldwide. Taking pre-orders now.


For more details on the pen view our blog post:







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That might be my favorite clip ever, it should come standard.

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Awesome.. very Awesome ..

Regards to Delta from Egypt, King Tut Homeland :)))))

Edited by ASL

Cheers - Amr S Laithy

Email: amrslaithy@gmail.com

Cairo Egypt

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Welp, looks like another entry for my list of Egyptian Myth & Civiliation-themed pens.... ;)


Scribe, Master of Mystic Lore, Young Curmudgeon

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The Fusion nibs write pretty well, Amos. Have you tried one?



Pretty pen. Shame about the con-fusion nib. Had it not been for that I might have considered one.

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