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Please Help A Newbie Date Or Information About My Cross Pencil

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Ladies and gentlemen I am a newbie when it comes to this, so please anything helps. What I know:


I believe it is a century series

It is a mechanical pencil

It had above the clip, "1/20 gold filled" and "made in USA" words

It has a little plastic piece attached to clip that says "18 karat gold filled"

The cross logo is in italic letters on the clip

The owners book had a few references to a SelecTip


Any help in regards to date, or any other information would be greatly appreciated





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Looks like the Cross Century pencil from the 1980's. Everyone had one of these back in the day....in silver, black or gold....usually with the matching ballpoint pen (or the Selectip fiber/rollerball)


Cross made a jillion of these with corporate logos as well.

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