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Caran D'ache On Ebay New Seller


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I found this Caran d'Ache FP and BP set on ebay. The pricing seems low.




I wrote to the seller asking for focused photos so I could see the nib and any writings on the pen. I said that I wanted to be able to see if the nib was original or a replacement.


He wrote back that he only had his cell phone camera and would find his camera and take better photos and update the listing. No answer regarding the nib being original or not.


Nothing happened. Now someone who bids only and mostly on collectible pens has opened the bidding.


Since then he has listed a Pelikan 140 for considerably under what I imagine this pen should sell for.


Do you think that there is any chance that this is a real, functioning Caran d'Ache? Any ideas of what this set should sell for?



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I don't mind new sellers since eBay is always there for the buyers if something is fake, more damaged than described, or otherwise inaccurate. eBay usually makes sellers even pay return shipping if this is the case.


New sellers have to sell things for cheaper to build a base of good reviews. If something is the same price with a new seller and a well-rated seller, it's obvious who people would choose. That and people are more likely to think positively about a product that they got for a good deal.


So things like these are always a risk, it's up to the individual to decide if it's worth it. It is always a hassle to get things returned, even if it works in your favour in the end, so it's best to exercise caution.

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That is the low end Geneve that was closing out a few years ago for under $50.00. It was CdA's entry level/student pen IIRC. There was also an upper level Geneve that was the predecessor of the Leman. The one you are looking at will have a nice steel nib most likely.


The one you are considering was the predecessor of the Ecridor.


Since CdA is headquartered in Geneve that name gets attached to many of the pens they sold.




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